Mature Female Teachers

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Hentai artist Ayumu Miyahara and Mujin Comics bring us an amazng multi-chapter hentai manga about sexy mature teachers!
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"Oh my, I haven't seen such a big one in a long time!"

If you love "jukujo" or mature women and MILFs, then this is the best hentai manga for you. Across six long chapters, enjoy a wonderful romp with four sexy teachers.

Tatsumi Sao failed his entrance exam, so he entered a boarding school where he could focus on his studies and try again next year. But there are four super sexy teachers who are oozing pheromones who might complicate his life, because they want Tatsumi's huge cock.

The four teachers are the busty Miss Komitsu, the feminine Kawai-sensei, the wild tanned Takemata-sensei, plus Igaya-sensei, the school nurse.

What's going to happen to poor Tatsumi!

Includes five core stories, plus a bonus story added for this volume.

This ero manga is newly restocked!

Pages: 202

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