I Shouldn't Have Gone To That Doujin Event Without Telling My Wife -- Tuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikunjanakatta

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This is an amazing hentai manga from artist Minamoto and GOT Comics exploring themes of hitozuma (married woman) and NTR!
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Taka has a wonderful wife named Yumiko, who has a thicc and sexy body. He's has to go to doujin sales event for a week, and while he's gone she finds one of the erotic books he draws and starts masturbating to it. This flips a switch inside her, and before long she's fucking all the other men in the apartment complex they live in, letting them shoot cum deep inside her, eventually fathering a child that isn't her husband's/

This is an extremely high quality hentai manga, with five chapters to the main story, including a full color segment taking up 50 pages in the middle. It's great!

There's also a separate two part hentai story about a newly married woman who's having trouble getting close to her husband's son from a previous marriage...until she offers to have sex with the boy.

Pages: 180

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