Girls Bloom When They Fall

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Hentai artist Yoshimizu and GOT Comics bring us a great new hentai manga with lots of sexy themes!
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Enjoy this new hentai manga offering from artist Yoshimizu and GOT Comics with 9 stories to enjoy.

Mikako is a JK who does nothing but study. Then one day Usazawa, her cram school teacher, decides he wants Mikako's virginity. What will happen when she learns the joy of sex and becomes a whore who will open her legs for anyone?

The chapter list is

1. Teach Me, Sensei! Part 1
2. Teach Me, Sensei! Part 2
3. Teach Me, Sensei! Part 3
4. Teach Me, Sensei! Another Story
5. Echoes of Memory
6. Flower Petals Fly Away
7. Things That Go Gloop in the Night
8. Kanon is Still Learning About Sex
9. Kanon is Doing Her Job Now

Pages: 212

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