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When your goal is to create the ultimate erotic fiction, an artist's work is never done!
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Ever wondered how the sausage gets made when it comes to those sexy comics you love so much? Presented by artist Coolkyousinnjya and publisher VAST Visual, this story of a young woman making it big in the world of adult publishing is as hilarious as it is educational!

Meet Mizuki, a young woman who's established herself as one of the hottest names in the adult manga industry. Her books are flying off the shelves, but Mizuki's after more than just a paycheck: she's looking to perfect the art form! With the help of her dedicated assistant Saki and editor Enoki Kyousuke, she'll agonize over her choice of sound effects, struggle with managing multiple deadlines, brainstorm how to create the perfect ahegao, and grapple with the best way to draw breasts. The road to creating adult manga is long, but fortunately paved with comedy!

From Coolkyousinnjya of Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon fame and publisher VAST Visual, Paranoia Cage Volume One is available in English for the first time ever! Translated with an eye for detail and every sound effect painstakingly recreated, this special English edition preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese release.

Size: A5
Pages: 116

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