JAPANESE REAL OPPAI – Rara Anzai (aka Rion)

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We could all use more oppai in our lives, and now you can buy the actual breasts of JAV actress Rara Anzai, better known by her previous professional name of RION.
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Product Description

This is a 100% full sized pair of breasts, which are molded by Rion's actual boobs. The breasts are super soft, with separate materials used for the outer skin, the accurately colored nipples, and the inside potion of the breasts themselves. The size is 100% accurate, and you can enjoy yourself with Rion's breasts any time you want, touching them fucking them, pinching the nipples, twisting the breasts this way or that, or sleeping on them like a pillow if you like! At 3100g (6.8 lbs), these are the largest and most realistic oppai toys we've ever seen!

The box is huge, being 55 x 40 x 16 cm (22 x 16 x 6.5 inches), and the product package is shipped inside an outer protective box for safety.

Made by S1 and PxPxP.

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