I'm Gonna Nurse You - Voice Plus! Download Edition

The first-ever release by G-Collections, this is a fun romp with sexy nurses who will heal you!
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The first-ever release by G-Collections, this is a fun romp with sexy nurses who will heal you!

The very first game released by G-Collections, I&sbquom Gonna Nurse You (Japanese title: Kango Shicyauzo) was a landmark for English bishoujo games. This improved "voice plus" version features full character voices, which add a lot of enjoyment to the game. Also recommended for fans of this title are the sequel, I&sbquom Gonna Nurse You 2 game as well as all titles by Trabulance.

I am Dr. Nakagawa, a pediatrician at St. Michael&sbquos Hospital. I recently graduated from med-school and I&sbquom still new to medicine, but I&sbquove always wanted to be a doctor, ever since I was a little kid. My dreams have come true, and I enjoy my work.

One day, Kaede, my foster mother, calls me up. She&sbquos a nurse teaching future nurses at a nursing school. She asks me to work as a substitute teacher at her nursing school. From what I hear, it sounds like one of the teachers had an emergency or something and won&sbquot be able to teach for a while. That&sbquos why I&sbquom being asked to teach for a few months. Without having time to think about it (she&sbquos so pushy), I agree to help her out.

To be honest, this place isn&sbquot bad at all. There are cute girls at every corner, and they&sbquore all brimming with sexual energy. This school might not be so bad... However, my dreams don&sbquot last long. "Hey, Bro!" Momji&sbquos voice wakes me up from my daydream. Oh, by the way, Momiji is my younger foster sister I grew up with. That&sbquos right; Momiji wants to be a nurse just like her mother...

Although she still acts like a little girl, she sure has become a woman. I&sbquom a little shy, but it sure feels good when she hugs me. Of course, nothing lasts forever. I become everyone&sbquos&sbquo topic. They always ask me questions like, "What is your relationship with Momiji?", "Do you have a girlfriend?" And even worse, I get questions like, "So, did you have sex with Momiji yet?" I told them I&sbquom single, but that doesn&sbquot seem to have been a very good idea. All of the girls are at the peak of their curiosity... Crap, it looks like I&sbquom going to have a very long day...

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 2 or better
Graphics: Directx 9c
Hard Disk: 640MB free space

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