Tsuki - Possession Download Edition

One of the darkest and most popular hentai games from G-Collections!
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One of the darkest and most popular hentai games from G-Collections!

One of the most popular of G-Collections&sbquos titles since its release, Tsuki Possession enables you to explore a dark place in the word of visual novels.

We are all not what we seem. Although we don&sbquot want to consider the possibility, there is darkness lurking inside the hearts of all of us. If it is brought out through great pain, then terrible things can happen.

You are Yosuke, a Japanese young man, age 20. Your life has not been happy, after your mother&sbquos death while you were a child, your father&sbquos remarriage, and then his untimely death in a car accident recently. Now you live with your beautiful stepmother and her quiet, reserved daughter, and although you have known great pain, it seems that all the women around you are striving to do all they can to ease your sadness. Perhaps it was all these sad events that caused the darkness to come out...

Note: While this is an uncensored game, there are several CG images that retain the mosaic censorship due to the unavailability of the original uncensored data.

Published by JAST USA, original game by Zyx.

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 2 or better
Graphics: Directx 9c
Hard Disk: 640MB free space

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