Welcome! The forest of perverted elves ~ PC Game

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Here's a great new erotic visual novel for elf lovers. You are transported to another world where there are only female elves and it's up to you to save their race from extinction by impregnating every perverted pointy eared girl you can fuck! There are a total of 7 heroines to romance with varied breast sizes ranging from AA to L Cup, quirky personalities and different types of skin color. Fully voiced with illustration by Aoi Nagisa, a popular ecchi artist who loves to draw thicc girls with huge breasts. By Lune Soft.

About this software product This is standard Windows PC software made for the Japanese market. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems regardless of language however you may need to adjust some settings or install optional language files for the game to load and display text properly. The software itself is in Japanese, so some familiarity with the language will be helpful in navigating it. Some images may be censored in accordance with Japanese regulations.

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