Sweet Color Assortment

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Enjoy this great collection of sweet vanilla hentai stories by artist Emi Hinahara and Wani Magazine Comics!
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A great collection of sweet love, of two people touching and kissing and enjoying love together.

A gorgeous woman who wins her younger male target over with food, then sex. A loyal girlfriend who will cook a meal for you then give you sex when you get home. A girl who knows you love cosplay, so she'll let you fuck her wearing any costume you like. And so much more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Secret Tomo
2. Kashii-san Wants To Feed You
3. Recommendation For Standing Up Together
4. Tameshi Kanojo-chan
5. Limit Heart on Valentine's Day
6. Sayuki Ojousama Brilliant Daily Life
7. Job Hunting Bonus Challenge
8. Sinking

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Pages: 196

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