Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos THE MOVIE ~ First Limited Blu-ray Edition

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Here's a wonderful item for Sailor Moon collectors: the limited Blu-ray release of the Sailor Moon Cosmos film with lots of extras!
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About the product

Product Description

Enjoy this amazing limited anime Blu-ray release of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos film, which comes with lots of extras. This is the grand finale to the Sailor Moon universe.

This first-printing release includes

* an awesome large box with original cover illustration that's sized like a laserdisc box, but thick
* 40 page special booklet on the movie
* the Sailor Moon Cosmos film on Blu-ray (both parts 1 and 2)
* an additional Blu-ray for the additional bonus material
* two CDs with the BGM and songs from the film
* the limited Blu-ray will be sent in a protective box.

Run Time: 148162min

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SKU: KIXA90973