Neros Pro RGB Hatsune Miku Edition

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Here's an item several J-List customers requested, so we thought we'd carry it normally: the Neros Pro RGB Hatsune Miku Gaming Mouse!
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About the product

Product Description

This is a high quality official Hatsune Miku-themed gaming mouse by Thermaltake which will quickly become your favorite mouse.

It's a high quality gaming mouse that's lightweight, at just 70 grams, and has excellent resolution, with 12,400 DPI. It's also an RGB mouse that shows off lights around the edge while you use it. The mouse can display 16.8 million colors, and is rated for 10 million clicks.

The mouse is a wired mouse, and comes with a USB-A to USB-C cord that's 1.5 meters. If you have only USB-C ports on your computer (such as a Macbook), you will need to provide a USB-C to USB-C cable, or an adapter.

Weight: 70g (0.2lbs)

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SKU: MS0706