Momotan -- Mitsuki Momota Photo Book

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Mitsuki Momota is a super sexy JAV star who entered the JAV industry in 2019, and now she's releasing her first photobook!
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Mitsuki Momota is a lovely JAV actress from Nagano Prefecture who went to Tokyo at the age of 18 and quickly got scouted into the adult film world. She has many fans around the world. She's marketed under the catch phrase "the 100 million yen body."

The photobook is outstanding, letting us go to the beach with her and watch while she shrugs out of her swimsuit, then visiting the woods for some private posing. After that we head home where we get to watch Mitsuki bathe before showing us the amazing new lingerie she bought to wear during sexy time with us!

With her amazing 100 cm J cup, Mitsuki Momota really does have a 100 million yen body!

Pages: 96

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