Madly In Love And Spoil -- Mero Mero Spoil

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This is an awesome hentai manga from artist Tsukushi Toujou and Bavel Comics filled with "dere dere" love stories!
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Do you want hentai stories about couples in love that are sweet and warm and fuzzy. If you want to see buys and girls pampering each other with love and sexual release, then this manga is for you!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Operation YUKEMURE Is In Progress
2. Sweet Devil
3. More Sweet Devil
4. Cinematic Approach
5. For The Sake Of Love I'll Go To Any Length
6. I'll Dye Myself Your Color
7. Suck Me And See
8. Temptation
9. Wanchan Love

Pages: 196

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