Godzilla -1.0 Deluxe Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (4 Discs)

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Here's a wonderful item for fans of Godzilla: the Japanese limited release of Godzilla -1.0, with lots of extras inside!
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Product Description

This is the Japanese limited release of Godzilla Minus One (Godzilla -1.0), the amazing film that sets Godzilla's arrival in the middle of a Japan still reeling from its defeat in WWII. This is a large boxed set with lots of awesome bonus items for collectors.

You get

o The film in both Ultra-HD Blu-ray (4K) and standard Blu-ray (1080p)
o The release of the black and white "Godzilla Minus Color" edition of the film
o Many bonus materials including movie trailers
o A bonus Blu-ray with the entire Making Of Godzilla Minus One, plus behind the scenes video
o Special bonus feature with director Takashi Yamazaki
o Special booklet with 68 pages of information on the film and its world
o Awesome box with Godzilla on the outside.

A great limited boxed set for collectors! Japanese audio and subtitles only.

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Run Time: 615min

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