Corrupted Party NTR Complete BOX

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Enjoy one of the most amazing hentai items we've seen, the limited Corrupted Party NTR Complete Box!
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This is an amazing box measuring 34 x 27 cm / 14 x 11 box filled with amazing hentai products from illustrator Satou Kuuki's new release, Corrupted Party. The box contains

* The full B5 sized, 242 page manga
* A 1600 cm dakimakura hug pillow of Shino for your collection
* a B2 sized tapestry with all six girls
* A special illustrated novel "Shino Channel"
* A standing acrylic figure stand of the main heroine
* a set of 5 erotic postcards with Satou Kuuki's past art
* A special booklet of line art from Corrupted Party

This is an amazing item for serious hentai fans. It's can't be restocked after we sell out, so get yours quickly!

This doujinshi is newly restocked!

Length: 34 x 27cm (1349.2in)

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SKU: NDJ3257