BSS -- Bokunohouga Sakinisukidatta Anoko ga Kouhaino Charao ni Namadashisaremakuru Nanokakan Netoriharamasehen

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A great hentai manga from artist Aoi Shou and Cyberia Series Comics!
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BSS is a Japanese fetish similar to NTR that focuses on a girl the main character loved first being taken sexually by another. It stands for "Boku ga Saki ni Suki datta no ni."

Kitakata is working part time in a family restaurant and has a crush on Honoka, his kouhai. Honoha has recently moved to Tokyo and doesn't have many friends yet. One night Kitakata's senpai HIrai confesses to Honoka, and forces her to have sex with him. What will Kitakata do?

Pages: 200

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