Rance 01: The Quest for Hikari

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This is the remake of the original 1989 classic eroge Rance 1. Everything is revamped, from the graphics to the gameplay system. This is a rare collector's item for fans of the Rance series.
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Fans of the original and first Rance series from Alicesoft will love this awesome remake with revamped graphics and gameplay system. The game has it all classic ADV-like interaction with the environment and characters, amazing erotic scenes, and great artwork.

About this software product This is standard Windows PC software made for the Japanese market. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems regardless of language however you may need to adjust some settings or install optional language files for the game to load and display text properly. The software itself is in Japanese, so some familiarity with the language will be helpful in navigating it. Some images may be censored in accordance with Japanese regulations.

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