Paulette Hinai 1/6 Figure Bikini ver. -- Maitetsu

Shipping from Japan
This is a new Maitetsu figure in 1/6 scale size by figure maker Q-six, featuring Paulette Hinai wearing a bikini. This is the regular version.
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Maitetsu is a comfy visual novel set in the Japanese countryside with a big focus on trains, it also features three unique heroines for you to fall in love with. One of the heroines is Paulette Hinai, the cute train otaku who never stops talking about railroads. This is a beautiful 1/6 scale figure of Paulette in a bikini. She comes with an extra face plate plus you can remove her bikini for extra display options. A great new figure for fans.

Height: 24cm (9.4in)

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SKU: MAE3917