Moero Downhill Night 2 Download Edition

The second Moero Downhill Night hentai visual novel. Can you help each girl win her race, and reach the finish line with her?
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The sequel to the popular Moero Downhill Night 1, which has even more gorgeous girls, hot sexual "H" scenes and super fast pre-rendered CG racing action. Downhill Night 2 continues the fast-paced dating sim / driving navigation game hybrid formula of the original, presenting an expanded cast of characters fully voiced in the original Japanese and dozens of gorgeous erotic images to reward you for your victories on the racing circuit.

A generation has passed since the glory days of racing in Downhill Night, and those events have faded to nostalgic legend - but a new epic tale of the need for speed, sex and romance is about to begin!

You are Akito, a college student who works part time to fund your addiction to racing games at the local arcade. You're offered a lift one day by your friend and coworker Rinka, a racer in her own right with the local Yotsuya Four Knights auto club. When your pleasant drive is interrupted by a bad-mouthing punk who challenges Rinka to a driving battle with her body on the line, you're tasked with using your virtual navigation skills in the real world - can you keep your cool under the pressure of a relentless downhill duel, and win both the race and the girl? Great for fans of drink racing!

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 2 or better
Graphics: Directx 9c
Hard Disk: 1.5GB free space

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