Bao-Chai 1/6 Figure DX Ver. Illustration by Tony -- Tsuyamusume Genmu Tan

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This is the DX version of the amazing Bao-Chai 1/6, based on an illustration by popular bishoujo artist Tony Taka. Produced by SkyTube.
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Our favorite bishoujo illustrator Tony Taka is back with another awesome figure by SkyTube. Based on Tony's original illustration of Dai-Yu, she is shown wearing a sexy traditional Chinese dress while playing a traditional musical instrument. The figure is carefully sculpted to recreate Tony's unique character design and Bao-Chai's look, fans will not be disappointed. She comes with several accessories such as group fan part, music instrument part, alternative arm part, alternative chest part, instrument stand, base, and 2 Genga postcards.

This is the deluxe version which is cast-off capable.

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SKU: MAE2553