Wife's Doki Doki Explosive Breasts are Too Erotic! -- Doki Doki Bakunyu Okusama ga Erosugirutte!

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Enjoy a fun hentai manga by artist Nanda U-suke and Megastore Comics! It features lots of MILFs with awesome oppai!
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The chapter list for this manga is

1. Doki Doki Former Biker Gang Mama (tanned MILF)
2. Doki Doki Occult Research Club
3. Doki Doki Education Mama (Helicopter Mama)
4. Doki Doki Public Bath Story
5. Doki Doki Christmas Party
6. Doki Doki Eizouken (Visual Arts Research Club)
7. Doki Doki Town Festival (also has a tanned MILF!)
8. Doki Doki Haunted Mansion

Pages: 180

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