Sakura Kaede -Kareshi ni Onegai Sarete Cosplay suru Onnanoko- 1/6 Figure Gal ver. Illustrated by Sakura no Tomoru Hi e

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Here's a super sexy figure named Sakura Kaede, Kareshi ni Onegai Sarete Cosplay Suru Onnnoko, or The Girl Whose Boyfriend Asked Her to Cosplay. Produced by Daiki Kougyou.
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If you had a cute girlfriend, wouldn't it be great if you asked her to Cosplay for you, and she said yes? That's the concept behind this original character, designed by artist Sakura no Tomoru Hi e. And there's a lot that we like about this character, especially her tanned skin, sexy pose, and "cast off" feature, allowing you to remove her clothes. Nice!

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