Frieren: Beyond Journey's End ~ Blu-ray Vol.5 First Limited Edition

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Enjoy the official limited Blu-ray release of Sousou no Frieren, aka Frieren: Beyond Journey's End. This is disc 5.
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This is the official Blu-ray release of Frieren Beyond Journey's End,

Frieren the immortal elf finally defeated the Demon King after a ten-year adventure with Himmel the Hero and the other party members. But since she lives for so long, all her friends die, and leave her alone.

This limited Blu-ray disc includes lots of extras for you, including

* episodes 17-20 of the series
* A 'shikishi' illustration board with art from from manga creator Tsukasa Abe, great for displaying
* an original package with art by character designer Reiko Nagazawa
* a 24 page special booklet with character and world background
cast commentary for episode 18
"non-credit" opening for season 2 OP and ED
* ten illustration sketch work post cards.

Japanese language only.

Run Time: 105min

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