FOO-A!! -- Fuua Kaede Book

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Here's another dynamite sexy photobook from Japan, this time featuring the sexy body of Fuua Kaede!
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Fuua Kaede is a popular JAV actress who debuted in 2021 on the S1 label and has won many awards in the industry since then.

She played basketball in high school, and was always athletic. When she was scouted to be a JAV actress she agreed because she had always been interested in exploring the sexual side of herself.

The photobook is amazing, with a satisfying 128 pages of photographs, letting us get up close and personal with Fuua-chan and see her body from all angles. There are sexy poses in a private room, nude poses while . she showers, images of her showing us her favorite lingerie, plus great images of her "hair nude."

This photobook is newly restocked!

Pages: 128

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