Men Who Sex With are Winners -Upsurging Birthrate Law- -- Yattamon Gachi

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This is a hentai manga called Yattamon Gachi from artist Neko Hinotsuki and GOT Comics with amazing hentai art!
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Enjoy this hentai manga from artist Neko Hinotsuki and GOT Comics with great hentai themes!

In the future, Japan passes a law requiring all females to get pregnant, in order to fix Japan's birth rate problems. So guys are able to fuck and cum inside any ripe girl they see on the street.

The chapter list for this manga is

1. National Reproductive Law Series 1. It's Illegal For a Girl to Not Get Pregnant!
2. National Reproductive Law Series 2. Teach Me How Babies are Made!
3. National Reproductive Law Series 3. Forced Fertilization Factory
4. Net Game Sex Fantasy
5. Learning How to Have Sex By Impregnating Other Men's Wives
6. A Streaming Channel for Impregnating Rich Girls
7. Lewd JK Training 1
8. Lewd JK Training 2
9, No Sex Before Marriage! But
10. National Reproductive Law Series After Story

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Pages: 230

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