Intron Depot 5 BATTALION – Shirow Masamune

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Another amazing release from Masamune Shirow, who is the best hentai artist ever!
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The long-anticipated fifth book to the Intron Depot series is here! After 8 years Shirow Masamune gives us a new volume of its super famous Intron Depot Series.

This collection of the work of one of Japan's most famous cyberpunk artists and storytellers is a tour-de-force publication balancing out the BLADES book and BULLETS books by covering the games (Gundress, Horned Owl, Blue Ray, and Sampaguita) that Shirow is famous for. An oversized, softcover publication in full-color, thick with CG and traditional illustration styles. Mecha, girls, guns, cyborgs, games, books, military, RPGs, and more with prevailing themes such as police (or public servant) and military. All material is printed in the first person, and therefore contains messages, funny antecedents, and self-admonishments by the guru-artist himself. Great for collectors of high quality artbooks from Japan.

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