Girls Art Illustrator File – Kanojo Zukan

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A wonderful artbook filled with illustrations that can help you become a better artist!
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Are you an aspiring artist looking for references or inspiration for your art work or someone who needs to contact an artist for some work done? If so, you'll want this huge and thick art book has compiled some of the best works of Japan's top professional illustrators, with a total of 99 artists contributing. Featuring a mind blowing lineup of great artists including Akabane, Ogino Atsuki, Saito, Kobuta, Ori, Hanekoto, Tyagoma, Houtengeki, Pom, Yom and more. This art book has 210 pages, filled not just with illustrations which is great for collectors, but also their contact information should you want to contact them for work.

Pages: 210

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