Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome Physical Edition

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We love this hentai game from a girl's perspective. When two boys are eager to get her into bed, how can she turn the tables and control the relationship?
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Our friends at MangaGamer have a great new game for fans of otome games. This is the story of a very tall girl who has no friends because of her gloomy aura and bitchy face. She meets two handsome guys, a talented tailor from America who's a masochist and a sadistic but talented producer/team leader, at her school. Together they will "fashion" little miss lonesome into something special. A fun romantic comedy visual novel fully voiced with no mosaic censorship.

Physical Edition includes
- Game Disk
- Two-sided DVD Cover
- Steam Key Card

System Requirements
Required CPU 1.3Ghz or higher
Required Memory 1GB
Required HDD Free Space 3GB
DirectX DirectX 9

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SKU: MG041