Akogare Kogare

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Hentai artist Kiiro Aoyama and Bavel Comics bring is a super sweet hentai manga with great stories inside!
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Enjoy this first tankoubon release by new artist Kiiro Aoyama, with great stories inside! These ran in the monthly Comic Bavel and are being collected into a great volume for you!

Enjoy nine stories of sweet love. A complicated relationship between a member of school council and a boy she definitely should not be dating. An immoral relationship between an older woman and her nephew that neither can turn away from. You will love all these erotic stories!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Even If You Are Far Away
2. One Foot In Front Of The Other
3. One More Step With You
4. The Dawn Star Is High And Dazzling part 1
5. The Dawn Star Is High And Dazzling part 2
6. Growing Up On The Same Ceiling
7. If I Dare My Virginity Will Disappear
8. To You I Can't Reach
9. Weekend Married Woman Runaway Travels

Pages: 196

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