Tomgirls of the Mountains - Josou Sanmyaku Limited Edition

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The long-awaited hentai visual novel for true otokonoko fans is coming out in English, and you can own this great limited edition!
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Product Description

Following a string of heartbreaks, Ikuto Watarai decides to go into the mountains to clear his head and dump women for good. He laments his previous experiences until a massive storm forces him to take cover in a cave. Exploring further, Ikuto gets hopelessly lost and passes out, only to wake up to a cute girl calling him the "Messenger," the one destined to revitalize a small, aging village!

There's just one catch the three girls in the village capable of becoming pregnant are actually tomgirls! And now that Ikuto's here, he can't leave until he completes his duty! Will Ikuto take up his newly obtained mantle? Only time will tell...

Join Ikuto as he discovers himself and learns about Fumio, the village's shrine maiden, the always-energetic Shizuki, and the tsundere, Yura, in this fun romp!

Minimum Specs
OS Windows 7/8/10
CPU 1Ghz Single-core
Memory 512MB

Limited Edition comes with

- Game DVD
- Special Outer Box
- 3 Characters journals (20cm x 14cm)
- 3 Characters Stickers (12.7cm tall)

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