Original Mama Heroines - Chizuru Fukumo - Dakimakura Cover

Pre-order Arrives June, 2024 Shipping from Japan
This is a new sexy Original Mama Heroines hug pillow cover featuring a character named Chizuru Fukumo and illustrated by top ecchi illustrator Sei Shoujo.
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About the product

Preorder Arrives June, 2024

This product is a preorder that will ship in the future. The price listed is the deposit to place a preorder today. The full amount plus shipping fees will be due once the product becomes available in the future.

Product Description

This is a new series of sexy dakimakura/hug pillow covers featuring MILF characters illustrated by top ecchi illustrators. The cover is huge, the large type of daki cover, and you can get any large hug pillow from Bed, Bath Beyond to put in it. Two-sided, with sexy on one side and even sexier on the other. The art on the actual pillow cover is 100% uncensored. Made in Japan.

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