Mitasarete Mezameru Asa ni, Jimi na Choushoku wo ~ The Animation (Region 2)

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This is the hentai anime adaptation of the popular eromanga by diletta about two adults who find love with each other after going to their class reunion. Produced by Showten. 20 minutes, region 2 DVD.
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Here's a new hentai anime produced by Showten, based on the popular adult comic by diletta. Kotaro is a 24 year old salary man who got recently dumped by his girlfriend for being too boring. He goes to his class reunion and meets his former classmate Sayaka, who coincidentally also got recently dumped by her boyfriend because she would not make a good wife. Sayaka ends up spending the night at Kotaro's place after the reunion, and surprisingly they both get along pretty well and have a natural attraction with each other even though they have opposite personalities. What would this fateful night lead to this estranged pair?

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