I Love Spoiling You -- Amaenbo no Kimi ga Suki

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This is an official hentai collaboration between Tamatoys and sexy Vtuber Tutur, who is popular on Youtube.
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Tutur Yamada is a sexy Vtuber with thick thighs promoted by Tamatoys, and this is her official sex toy!

Tutur is a succubus, and her job is to suck the semen out of me in order to continue living. Will you help her out?

The onahole is designed with an amazing interior that's extremely rough, promising to stimulate you more and more, the deeper inside you go. You will love feeling the chaotic inside of Tutur's pussy all around you as the pressure starts to build!

It's great to listen to Tutur Yamada's sexy ASMR voices on YouTube while fapping to her official sex toy!

To clean, wipe out with tissues until completely dry inside, then store in a cool place to dry. Or you can use one of the maintenance/cleaning products J-List has in stock.

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, in a factory owned by Tamatoys. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box. It has been manufactured in accordance with Japanese hygiene law no. 370, and the materials are 100% phylate-free.

Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 480g (1.1lbs)

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