Hiragana Times July 2024 NO. 453

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This is the July 2024 issue of Hiragana Times, a highly recommended monthly publication that combines useful current events with learning the Japanese language.
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This monthly magazine features articles both in English and in Japanese, complete with furigana pronunciation, to help learners who haven't mastered kanji yet. Filled with tons of cultural articles that make you think relating to current events, interviews with famous Japanese celebrities, Japanese pop culture, travel, and even articles written by readers themselves who wish to share their own personal experience within the Japanese culture. All articles in English and Japanese, with furigana (hiragana above the kanji) for easier reading.

In this issue Issue #453 is a great one, with bilingual articles on Magical Apron: Homaekake, Exhibition of the Most Popular Action Games Tracing 20 Years of History, A Large-Scale Exhibition of the Creative Group CLAMP plus actual Japanese lessons for beginner learners. It's great!

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