Florian with Fuecoco 1/8 ARTFX J Figure -- Pokemon Series

Pre-order Arrives August, 2024 Shipping from Japan
This is the latest ARTFX J Pokemon figure produced by Kotobukiya, featuring Florian with his Fuecoco.
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About the product

Preorder Arrives August, 2024

This product is a preorder that will ship in the future. The price listed is the deposit to place a preorder today. The full amount plus shipping fees will be due once the product becomes available in the future.

Product Description

For fans of the popular anime and video game by Nintendo, Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, take a look at this cool figure of Florian and his Fuecoco. This figure captures every detail of Florian from his iconic outfit to his loyal Pokemon Fuecoco. An awesome figure to add to your Pokemon collection.

Height: 20cm (7.9in)

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