Comic Anthurium October 2023

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This is the October 2023 issue of Comic Anthurium, a great magazine series for adults, with every issue packed with over 450+ pages of wonderful hardcore hentai comics.
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There are 18+ comics in each and every issue, and this one is no different, with page after page of sexy Japanese girls, maids and slaves that are dripping with anticipation. Excellent erotic artwork done by various top artists in a myriad of styles. The perfect magazine for hentai manga fans across the world. Note that the printing quality of this book is way better than the average pulp quality of monthly hentai manga, making it worth saving forever.

IN THIS ISSUE Enjoy 450+ pages in this superb with, featuring the contributions of 35+ artists who create short independent erotic stories for us to enjoy. Artists include top names like Masamune Shirow, arrow, Yamamoto AHIRU, Rei, Tebasaki Nobuo, Danimaru, and more!

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