Bratty Little Succubi

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No human male, no matter how pent up, can overpower a succubus, no matter how petite...
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Kishiwagashi returns to J18 Publishing with another doujinshi, Bratty Little Succubi! Don't underestimate these girls for their size, though: they'll suck your soul out before you can so much as utter a single "uooh"!

Everybody knows succubi exist only in fantasy and urban legend... but that's not the truth their victims are about to discover! They've already infiltrated human society, posing as students and members of the workforce! Schoolteachers aren't safe from their students anymore, not when any girl might be a hungry succubus eager to be educated until they drop! Men who try and relieve the stress of a day's work at the gym are equally vulnerablewhat happens when a seductive succubus sneaks her way into the men's changing room for an all-she-can-eat buffet? Not even public restrooms can protect men from cum-craving succubi lying in ambush for the first man to unzip his pants! And when multiple succubi find a tasty-looking target, there's no telling what kind of damage they're liable to wreak on his poor human body! But lest you be tempted to approach a succubus yourself, take heed: your body will break long before you can satisfy them...

J18 Publishing and Kishiwagashi are proud to present this special English edition of Bratty Little Succubi. Presented in the original B5 format, this doujinshi features fully translated and lettered dialogue and SFX to preserve absolutely everything you loved about the original Japanese version... but now, you can appreciate Kishiwagashi's superb succubus girls without a single black bar of censorship in sight! Humans are powerless to resist succubi... so you'd better buy your copy while you still have a choice!

Pages: 36
Size: B5

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