Yume Miru Otomel Complete Edition -- Les Vierges dan le Rêve

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This is a "remaster" and reissue of this legendary hentai manga from artist Aiueoka and Wani Magazine Comics!
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Yumemiru Otoke, translated as Dreaming Maidens or (from the cover) Les Vierges dans le Rve, is an epic hentai manga from artist Aiueoka. To celebrate a new hentai OVA release, it's been re-released in a new complete edition.

The chapter list for this manga is1. Hanasuaru Otome Prologue 2. Yumemiru Otome 3. The Flower Scattered Maiden 4. Kouwaru Otome 5. The Drowned Maiden 6. Evening Glory 7. Yugao Prequel 8. Tonari No Kanojo 9. Yogore Takanojo 10. Yogore Takanojo After Story 11. Natsuhame 12. MESS HAMEME

Pages: 260

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