YAWA MAN MEIKI -- Deluxe Soft Meiki Hole

Shipping from Japan
Japanese maker Nippori Gift have worked hard to bring us a great new extra-soft deluxe onahole called YAWA MAN MEIKI.
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About the product

Product Description

Enjoy the YAWA MAN MEIKI, a Soft Vagina Meiki. A 'meiki' is a 200-year-old word for a female sexual organ so good, only one woman in 10,000 can have one. In onahole terms, it represents high-quality onaholes the manufacturers are especially proud of,

The YAWA MAN MEIKI simulates a cute girl's pussy as she willingly opens up to you, letting you in. The exterior of the toy is very inviting, with soft, pink pussy lips which beckon you inside.

The interior is even more amazing, with a bright-red interior (because she's so excited), plus large protrusions that stimulate you from all sides, accurate musculature that grips you strongly, and a G spot.

At 600 grams of mass, this is the perfect onahole for those special times when you need to take the edge off!

The toy is extra-stretchy, making it good for customers who need a larger onahole experience. Starter lotion included inside the box.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Weight: 600g (1.3lbs)

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