Unicorn Awakening Pink (for Slow Masturbation)

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Here's a really fun ero toy from A-One that will make short work of whatever stress you've got! It's called the Unicorn Awakening Pink.
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The Unicorn Awakening Pink is a fun onahole from Japanese ero toy manufacturer A-One that's designed to manage your stress in no time. Built around a unicorn theme, you get to push your "horn" inside it any time you like, allowing you to sink inside the soft folds until you're ready to shoot your seed using the technique of "slow masturbation."

Inside the Unicorn Awakening Pink is a cyclone of pleasure, with grooves that get closer and closer the deeper you go. The toy is extra "thicc" too, with 540g of material around you for an extra realistic fap!

The toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, starter lotion is included in the box. Illustration by Todome-iro Mayonaise.

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