The Best Sex with Carnivore Girl -- Nikushokuju ha Zetsurin Koubi de Haramitai

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Enjoy this new hentai manga about a girl who has a strong desire for sex!
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In Japanese, a girl who seeks out sex is known as a "carnivore female," and that's what we get in this awesome hentai manga from Moog Comics and Nanaho Shitenou!

Mari is a short girl with a boyfriend named Hiro. She works as the assistant manager at a cell phone shop...and she loves having sex with men who aren't her boyfriend. Although she plans to marry Hiro, and becomes pregnant with his child, he's just not enough for her, causing her to to seek out sex with random strangers.

But the twist comes when we learn that Hiro is also cheating on Mari for the same reason...

Pages: 208

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