Tamaproject Super Lucky Onahole Bag (3 Onaholes plus Extra Fan Item)

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Tamatoys has a very special item for everyone: a huge Lucky Bag with three random onaholes plus a bonus item!
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Product Description

Our favorite ero toy company has a big treat for everyone: a new TamaProject Super Lucky Onahole Bag, which has three large random onaholes inside!

The three onaholes are top-tier offerings the company has made over the past year or so, which you can get for a super amazing special price in this limited Lucky Bag. Each is large and offers amazing features for you. Each onahole is still sealed in its original box, inside the larger Lucky Bag, and contains starter lotion.

Additionally, you get "plus alpha," as the Japanese like to day, which means an additional bonus item related to to the company's recent offerings.

Hurry because we cannot restock these once sold out!

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