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The Tenga Flip Orb is a great male masturbation aid for managing your daily stress. It's high-tech and easy to clean!
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Meet the new TENGA FLIP ORB, a totally new concept from the company that combines an advanced masturbation experience with a scientific design that allows easy opening, so you can clean the toy and guarantee long life. Plus, it looks so futuristic, you could leave it on your shelf and most people wouldn't know what it is!

Here's how it works. The device opens like a clam, with a hole at the end. Inside the toy is a firm gel material that has large and small "stimulation ball" at different points. Once you penetrate the toy during masturbation, you can squeeze the circles on either side of the toy, which allow you to alter your sensation, giving a tighter and firmer feel, or looser and more relaxed experience.

The best thing about the toy is the way it can be easily opened for cleaning. Just crack it open, and wipe it out with tissues, or use water if you like. Dry for an hour, and you're ready for the next use.

This is the elegant BLUE RUSH version, which creates waves of gel material that stroke you from all sides.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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