Scent of a Girl Lotion C9 *Large Size*

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Looking for a huge bottle of water-based lotion that recreates the scent of a girl's body? Then choose the new Onna no Ko no Nioi ga Suru Lotion C9!
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This is a huge 600 ml bottle of water-based lotion that's great for use with onaholes, or directly with your hand. But even better, it's a scented lotion, so it gives off the smell of a girl's vagina, great for adding a little extra something to your solo sex sessions!

The bottle is huge, giving you 600 ml of lube. The secure cap comes off to reveal an easy applicator tip, allowing you to apply the perfect amount of lotion to your favorite onahole, or wherever. While you use it, the pheromones in the lotion will waft up to you, making you even harder as you practice your daily solo self-care session!

Easily washable with water. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Made in Japan by Magic Eyes.

This ero lotion is newly restocked!

Liquid Volume: 600ml

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