Saga of Lustful Girls from Demon Realm

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This is a great hentai manga from artist Itoya and Unreal Comics about sexy demon girls and succubusses!
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Enjoy this fun hentai manga about sexy demon girls, female vampires and succubusses, who yearn for the semen of men.

The chapter list is

1. Pheromone Chaser Intro
2. Pheromone Chaser Claudia The Innocent Hunter
3. Pheromone Chaser The Crisis Of Kuzunoha Karen The Vixen (wolf girl/monster girl)
4. Pheromone Chaser The Seeker Of Magical Science Dr Kate (newly drawn for this volume)
5. Harp Style Girls Part 1
6. Harp Style Girls Part 2
7. Princess Of The Magic World Feiren-sama
8. The Lord Of Lulu's House
9. Evil God Pregnant

Pages: 176

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