Rennyu Order: Okawari THE ANIMATION (Region 2)

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Enjoy the legendary hentai anime on DVD format! This is Rennyu Order Okawari: The Animation!
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If you love super hot tanned girls with giant breasts, then you will love this hentai anime, called Rennyu Order Okawari The Animation.

In Japanese, "rennyu" is the word for evaporated milk, the super sweet milk that looks like semen. This hentai anime changes the kanji to "Love Milk" to make a sexy pun.

The main character Takayuki lives alone because his parent live abroad. One day a mysterious brown princess named Sasha appears to him, carrying a letter from her father. Sasha has been given to Takayuki as his wife. This confuses Takayuki, who has never met the girl before, but things get a lot more interesting when she asks him to have sex with her so she can give him an heir.

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Run Time: 30min

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