Raw Sex Student Council -- Sex With All Potential Brides At All-Female School

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Enjoy a new hentai manga from Cyberia Series Comics and artist AAKO about a harem of girls who are potential brides!
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This is a great hentai manga from artist AAKO about a boy who goes to an otherwise all-girls school. Naturally he gets a harem of five girls, all members of the student council, who he can fuck in order to choose which one his future wife will be.

Makoto Sagawa's father is the head of a major conglomerate, but he's worried that his son doesn't have a girlfriend yet. At this rate, there'll be no successor for his company.

So he forces Makoto to go to an all-girl's school, where he'll be the center of attention, as five sexy girls (all daughters of wealthy businessmen) throw themselves at him. After fucking each girl as much as he wants, which one will he choose for his bride?

Pages: 192

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