Pururun Prin BOMB Ultra Soft

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Enjoy the new Pururun Prin BOMB Ultra Soft, a massive onahole for stress management that's soft and supple, too!
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This is the Pururun Prin BOMB Ultra Soft, a soft onahole with just the right amount of mass and weight to give you an amazing solo sex experience.

The materials are made to be extra stretchy, so you can go deeper and have the toy stretch if you need a larger onahole experience. The outside of the toy is great to look at, but the inside is even more amazing, with bright pink coloring and large grooves to stimulate you while you fap. The feeling of the crevices moving over your shaft will send you to heaven in short order.

In general the more weight an onahole has, the more it will offer a realistic simulation of a "thicc" girlfriend letting you fill up her guts, and at 650 grams, the Pururun Prim BOMB is the perfect ero toy for you!

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box.

Created by Pressure Stimulator Japan.

Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 650g (1.4lbs)

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