PUNIANAROID R -- Automatic Masturbation Technology -- PUNI ANA-ROID R

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The latest amazing masturbation experience from PxPxP is here: the PUNIANAROID R!
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Enjoy the most amazing fapping experience ever with the PUNIANAROID R, the latest fully automated masturbator fror Japan. It features seven "cyclone" patterns which twist and turn your penis this way and that, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride!

This fun onahole features

A fully powered stress relief experience that's USB-powered
A compact design that's cheaper than the other toys in this series
A separate onahole piece that can be separated from the powered section for easy cleaning
Features 7 rotation patterns, allowing you to choose which one you want to get off to today
Charges via included USB-C adapter, included
Charging time 2.4 hours, can be used for 45 minutes after full charge
Starter lotion also included inside the box.

Because this is an "open type" onahole, you need to take care to not spill liquids out of the open end of the onahole.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Weight: 440g (01lbs)
Length: 12cm (4.7in)
Width: 11cm (4.3in)

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