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Japan's great ero toy maker PxPxP / G Project has a great new ero toy for us, the PUNIANA MEIKI, simulating sex with a beautiful anime elf!
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Product Description

Enjoy the newest offering from PxPxP called the PUNIANA MEIKI, which is a thick and satisfying onahole with many features, including

• A realistic designs and accurately colored pink interior
• A tight opening at the entrance, which squeezes you as you push through
• An amazing rough pattern on the top of the inside of the onahole, known traditional as a kazunoko tenjo or "herring roe roof"
• At the end, there's a tighter zone that will rub along the bottom of your member as you shoot your seed deep inside her!

The PUNIANA MEIKI is a really well engineered onahole for male stress relief. It stretches if you need more length, and with 600g of material, it provides all the thickness you could ask for.

Starter lotion is included inside the box.

Length: 16cm (6.3in)
Width: 10cm (3.9in)
Weight: 600g (1.3lbs)

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